Join Us As A Medical Store

You're welcome to Elixir Quest, Elixir Quest is a software as a service for only medical stores to make awareness of medical store and their medicines ! It helps patients to search medicines as well as medical store address. Now it's your turn to increase sales by publishing medicines online. It is a good chance to Join Us and Get More Business/Sale. Click here to view subscription plan and pricing. Please read the terms and conditions carefully before register.

Some Silent benefits to join us:

  • It helps to increase your store sales by increasing awareness of store and medicine by appearing in medicine search result.
  • Your medical store appears in medicine search result around 0 to 40KM.
  • Get medicine availability request directly from registered users/patients.
  • Discount Facilities to attract users and promote your store.
  • You will get a high selling medicine report of your city*.
  • You can manage, store open and close time so users come in open time only.
  • Facility to add, edit, delete medicines of your store.
  • You can Publish or unpublished store at any time.